Program Flyer for the User Trainings (Print Version)

This is a collection of printable Training Programs: 
Be aware, we do not update them for every new User Training.
(Only on customers demands)

The following list of PDF programs is from past training session. The content evolved over time and the personal demands of the participants bring in new topics for every training. The final program therefore is a product of our topic list and the pre registration phone interviews.

Anyway we publish this outdated PDFs as examples, as some of our customers need a printed version to get the permission for the course from their companies administration.

Find the program for the upcoming courses 2020 ->Here<-.

Printable program flyers of past courses:

Flyer as PDF [2017] (English) (Course 1,4)

Flyer as PDF [2016] (English)  (Course 1,2,3,4)

Volante PDF [2016] (Spanish) (Course 4)

Flyer as PDF [2015] (English) (Course 4)

Faltblatt als PDF [2015] (Deutsch) (Course 1)