Program: Course II – Telemac & Sisyphe in Full Depth

Tutors: Jean-Michel Hervouet, Catherine Villaret, Uwe Merkel
( 4 days advanced users training, English only)

[Currently no dates available, please ask for further information!]

Motivation: Even experienced users always struggle at the same decisions: Do I use the right turbulence model, advection scheme, solvers, transport models, et cetera and how do I understand the options? What happens below the surface? You know from your own tests which option speeds up, increases accuracy or smoothes the surface. But confidence comes with understanding.

To get the best possible insider explanations, I invited Jean-Michel Hervouet and Catherine Villaret, both decade long core developers of Telemac and Sisyphe. They can help you with background information, mathematics and experience.

Telemac below the surface – Usability tips for advanced users
(Jean-Michel Hervouet)
  • Session 1
    • Saint-Venant equations and numerical techniques
    • Programming with Telemac subroutines
    • Inside Bief (structures, etc.)
  • Session 2
    • Telemac-3D
    • A few words on turbulence
    • Advection schemes
  • Session 3
    • Tidal flats
    • Parallelism
    • Linear solvers
  • Session 4
    • Telemac: Open question & answer session
Sisyphe below the surface – Usability tips for advanced users
(Catherine Villaret)
  • Session 5
    • Basic theory of bed load transport
    • Secondary currents
    • Slope effects
    • Bed forms & banks
  • Session 6
    • Basic theory of suspended load
    • Advection/diffusion
    • Rouse profile
    • Convection velocity
    • Stratification effects,
    • Hindered settling
    • Sensitivity analysis
  • Session 7
    • Long term simulations
    • Coupling with hydrodynamics in 2D-3D
    • Multi-grain sand grading
    • Application examples
  • Session 8
    • Sisyphe: Open question & answer session

Participants shall come with basic knowledge of TELEMAC.

Training Material

We provide a bootable 128GB SSD with a preinstalled and preconfigured Live Ubuntu/Mint Linux. It includes an extensively tuned collection of programmes, with all manuals and examples plus docs. If you work during the training with this disk on your own laptop, we can be sure that all exercises work when you’re back at home, without configuration marathons and messed up primary discs. Please understand that we do not sell software, as all included software is free anyway under LGPL and GNU license.

Dates & Cost

[Currently no dates available, please ask for further information!]

    •  “Early birds” reduced fee for booking until 21 days before the training: 1590€
    • Regular Fee: 1890€
Program as PDF

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