A new Continuous Vertical Grain Sorting Module for the Telemac Suite (CVSM-II)

The New Continouse Vertical Grain Sorting by UHM for BAW


R&D for sophisticated river flow problems is from the beginning on one of the main pillows of UHM River Engineering.

The CVSM-II Continuous Vertical Grain Sorting Model was purchased by the BAW as an extension of Sisyhe, to overcome several limitations of the classic, wide spread Hirano Active Layer Model.

The results exceed the predecessor by far:

  • No numeric blurring of fractions any more in longer running simulations.
  • Potentially unlimited resolution for the depth stratification instead of 2 to 9 layers.
  • Just use depth dependent grading curves from drilling campaigns.
  • Good development of armoring layers!

Some Impressions

CVSM calibration against flume experiments
QGIS Interpretation of the Surface Grain Fractions; via the UHM Selafin Reader
Comparison CVSM-II vs. Hirano: The later tends to overestimate the morphological activity, as it does not preserve armoring layers.
Fine sands running over an armoring layer: The dark line is only 10-15cm strong, but can only be penetrated by an exceptional shear stress peaks.
UHM Selafin Tools for Paraview: Sisyphe is not triangle based, it works on the Voronoi polygon! This picture shows the real geometry of the layer system. Any other visualization tool displays the Selafin file based sediment data as triangles.

Read More

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