A2b – Telemac-3D: Features, Possibilities, Limits

About Telemac-3D


  • currents being induced either by gravity, tides or density gradients, with or without the influence of external forces such as wind (wave) or air pressure.
  • impact of sewer effluents, the study of thermal plumes or even sediment transport.
  • based on Telemac-2D, with extruded (prismatic) triangle meshes.

Main Features:

  • Three-dimensional equations for free surface flow (with or without the hydrostatic pressure assumption)
  • Transport-diffusion equations of intrinsic quantities (temperature, salinity, concentration)
  • Influence of temperature and/or salinity on density
  • Coriolis force and Lat-Lon coordinate System (Think about coastal / off shore problems / tsunami …)
  • Weather elements : air pressure, wind, rain, evaporation, and thermal exchanges with the atmosphere
  • Sources and sinks for fluid moment within the flow domain
  • Simple or complex turbulence models (K-Epsilon) taking the effects of the Archimedean force (buoyancy) into account
  • Current drift and diffusion of a tracer, with generation or disappearance terms (oil spils, algae bloom)
  • Brings its own sediment transport module or Sisyphe


  • The prismatic shape is not able to simulate pressure flows through closed geometries
  • Only for in-compressible fluids
  • No simulation of air bubbles / intake

Example 1: Malpasset in 3D

3D Version of 201_malpasset. Top left: longitudinal cut. Lower left: 2D mesh. Right: Perspective
3D Version of 201_malpasset. (Top left: Longitudinal cut. Lower left: 2D mesh. Right: Perspective)

Example 2: Wesel bend of the river Rhine

taken from the Telemac examples.

Three layer version of the Wesel bend
Three layer version of the Wesel bend

Example 3: Piledepon

taken from the Telemac examples.

Bridge Foundations
Bridge Foundations

Example 4: Vertical stratification and mixing processes

taken from the Telemac examples.

Mixing of  fresh and salt water
Mixing of fresh and salt water

Example 5: Solitary wave in channel with constant depth

taken from the presentation with the title of „TELEMAC-3D-Non hydrostatic 3D Navier-Stokes equations with a free surface“ by Jean-Michel Hervouet: (Course: Telemac + Sisyphe in Full Depth).

Depth = 10 m, Wave height = 2 m
Mesh size: 0.1 m, Time step: 0.1 s, C.F.L.: 10.84

Navier-Stokes solution at 60 s with different numbers of planes