Cluster Hardware

A regular question from our trainees and customers is: What is the right hardware for Telemac, Paraview, QGIS etc. – And of course, with the best price-performance ratio.
Together with hardware vendors in UK and Germany, we found a couple of very effective solutions.
If new or young used servers, there is no need to stick to the most expensive components.
Good scaling efficiency is be reached if the double number of CPU cores results in half the runtime.

After extensive testing for some customers, we offer a Telemac optimized cluster system based on Ubuntu 16.04.
The hardware is sold via our partner shops in Germany and UK, which provide the related service,
while we offer the perfect system configuration to get the maximum performance out of your hardware.

Example: 64 Core Xeon E5 Cluster Server:  Intel Jefferson Pass with 4 Compute Modules

• each of the 4 moduls equipped with two 8-core Xeon E5-2670 CPUs
• connected with 1G or 10G Ethernet or Infiniband
• RAM, SSD and HDD RAID optimized for massive parallel writing

Starting from 3500€ for 64 cores + Configuration, VAT, Shipping


How fast and efficient is it? Try yourself!

If you want to get an impression on how this clusters compare to your own computers, DOWNLOAD the following -> TESTCASE and compare your run times to the diagram below.